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Long hair is all fun and games until the scorching heat forces you to bunch it up in a bun at all times.

Like everything else in your life, give your hair a summer refresh. One doesn’t necessarily need a breakup for a dramatic look change. An additional bonus of a new haircut is the extra confidence boost that comes with it, we don’t make the rules.

Whether you’re whisking away to dreamy destination this summer or looking to upgrade your appearance at work — haircuts are always a good idea. It revitalizes your hair and adds a new life to it by taking away the dead weight. An important part of hair care is consistenly chopping a certain amount of your locks for healthy growth. It helps your avoid dry and split ends while promoting volume.

This summer, be a little bold and don’t just snip a few inches of your length. Try a different cut according to the frame of your face. Whether you have a round or an oval shaped face, we’ve got a list of haircuts that will complement you perfectly.

From fluffy and butterfly layers to curtain bangs and fringes, we’ve got you covered.

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