Angelina Pivarnick: JWoww Freakin’ Ruined My Engagement! I’ll Never Forgive Her!

As we reported earlier this month, Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick is finally engaged to Vinny.

Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t her longtime crush Vinny Guadagnino who popped the question.

Instead, Angeliners got engaged to Vinny Tortorella, and she received a sizable diamond ring as a consolation prize.

Look, we understand why the bride-to-be isn’t totally thrilled in this situation:

Angelina Pivarnick has said YES! She’s engaged to boyfriend Vinny Tortorella. (Photo via Instagram)

She got engaged to some guy she barely knows in an effort to make another guy jealous, but Vinny 1.0 doesn’t seem bothered in the slightest.

What we don’t understand is why Angie is taking her frustration out on Jenni “JWoww” Farley.

Yes, if you caught Thursday’s episode of Shore, then you know that Angelina was furious with JWoww for “ruining” her engagement.

Angelina and Jwoww are at it again. These two have never gotten along. (Photo via MTV)

Now, no one in the cast was completely thrilled by the proposal.

After all, the guidos just met New Vinny, and they knew that Angelina had only been dating him for a few months.

But Pivarnick really zeroed in on the “negativity” that she sensed emanating from Jenni and her fiancé, Zack Carpinello.

Angelina is always angry at her roommates. The current season of Jersey Shore features much Angeliners rage. (Photo via MTV)

Angelina fumed that she was “full-on pissed off” at JWoww, whom accused of “ruin[ing] another moment for me.”

The other moment that Angelina is referring to is the infamous speech that JWoww, Snooki, and Deena delivered at her wedding.

Of course, by mentioning it, Pivarnick inadvertently reminded everyone that she just got married to a different guy like three years ago.

Angelina and Chris Larangeira
Chris Larangeira and Angelina got married on Jersey Shore. They got divorced two years later. (Photo via MTV)

We’re not ragging on her for getting divorced, but — it’s pretty soon to already be marrying a new dude.

Anyway, Jenni was understandably baffled by Angelina’s outrage.

“I’m literally like, I just quit. I was genuinely happy for her last night. I don’t know where the f— this is coming from. I don’t know what the f— I did wrong,” she said to Mike Sorrentino.

Jenni Confesses
Jenni has a cute smirk on her face in this Jersey Shore: Family Vacation confessional. (Photo via MTV)

“If you took a true snapshot of the room, I’m pretty sure shedded two tears. So if you want to ignore all of that and take a snapshot of another moment, or the fact I was dumbfounded like everyone else, so be it!”

Frustrated by her castmates’ bizarre anger, Jenni threatened to take her mic off and go home.

But because this was a season finale, producers arranged for her to come face-to-face with Angelina instead.

Angelina Pivarnick has been going through a lot lately. (Photo via MTV)

“I’m sitting here crying because you think I would like not be happy for you,” said a tearful JWoww.

“These are my feelings, stop trying to f—ing take away my feelings,” Angelina shot back.

“F— your feelings, Angelina,” Jenni later said in a confessional. “You just ruined everything for me. If you want to talk about feelings, choke on those!”

Angelina Pivarnick3
Angelina has been at the center of a firestorm of drama. (Photo via MTV)

That’s harsh commentary, but Angelina should have known what she was getting into when she singled out JWoww.

In fact, she’s lucky she got off so easy!

Before the episode was over, Jenni and Ange semi-buried the hatchet, proving once again that the guidos are really growing up.

The show might be somewhat less dramatic as a result of this newfound maturity, but it’s been a pleasure to watch these former party monsters settle down.


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