Janelle Brown and Son Gabe Set Up Her RV: It’s the First Time Without Kody!

Since embarking upon a post-Kody journey, Janelle Brown has encouraged fans to take steps to better themselves.

She is essentially starting over in a lot of ways. That’s scary, even daunting.

But Janelle’s fresh start is also giving her opportunities to connect with fans, and forge new experiences with family.

In a recent post, Janelle shared how her son Gabriel was helping her to set up her 5-wheeler. Without Kody, it was a brand new-to-her project.

Using a Reel post, Janelle Brown updated her fans and followers on the process of hooking up her 5-wheeler. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Janelle Brown took to Instagram.

Using the Reels function (we know that Instagram’s desperate attempt to emulate TikTok is cringe, but it’s totally appropriate for a mom to use), she showed herself and her son, Gabe Brown.

She and the 21-year-old were in the process of connecting her RV (really a five-wheeler, but … conceptually similar).

“So I came to hook up my trailer,” Janelle Brown shared in a Reel post. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Why was this a big deal? Because, for years, Kody would help her connect her trailer.

This was her first time doing it without Kody. It was a bit of a fresh start, complete with a learning curve — and some mother-son laughs along the way.

“I came up to hook up my trailer,” Janelle narrated during the Wednesday, May 3 video.

During his mother’s Reel video, 21-year-old Gabriel Brown was in good spirits while he helped out. (Image Credit: Instagram)

She admitted that she and Gabe were “learning a lot about power adapters connecting your trailer to the power.”

Janelle pointed out how setting up the mobile home is about figuring it out.” True!

“And not getting defeated and just getting it done,” Janelle described.

Janelle Brown used a Reel post to talk about “figuring it out,” which applies to many parts of starting over. (Image Credit: Instagram)

“You have to just be brave to do this,” Janelle then summarized.

She and Gabe discussed how anyone else who might spot them clearly puzzling over this also had their own first time doing this. No one is perfect the first time.

“Everyone has to start at the beginning! With the basics,” Janelle went on.

On her Reel, Janelle Brown stressed the importance of “not getting defeated and just getting it done.” (Image Credit: Instagram)

“When I was in the RV last time we were boon-docking so everything,” Janelle recalled.

So she remarked that “even hooking up this trailer to ‘hook-ups’ is new.”

That isn’t easy for an admitted “perfectionist,” but she had to accept that her first RV hookup might not go so smoothly.

At the end of her encouraging Reel, Janelle Brown smiled in the outdoor sunlight. She’s going to be just fine. (Image Credit: Instagram)

“I have to square my shoulders and tell myself you have to start somewhere,” Janelle shared in her caption. “And everyone had to learn and go through this process.”

She then affirmed: “It’s OK to be vulnerable, coachable, teachable, and curious..” True!

Finally, Janelle concluded: “Some day I’ll have this down and can be ‘the expert.’”


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